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The company profile

History of Umakov dates back to 1993, when Vladimir Lacko employed two locksmiths in rented areas, size around 50 sq. m. in Fricovce (Presov district). The main activities was production of gates, fences and railings. After some time company started to sell a wide variety of products, such as staircases, glass, stainless-steel elements and other product, where necessary for the effective economic growth. We also started to sell stainless steel railings for staircases,… Finally, in 2004 Umakov was established as a network of business partners, Ukov si sam, Bau express and Product system design. Today, Umakov offers more than 5500 different products and semi-products. Company also owns their own production, commercial and administrative spaces with total area of about 8000 sq.m. Umakov maintains modern machinery, has online interconnection and strong headquarters at Fricovce. It employs more than 50 permanent production workers and other personnel, which covers the complex activities of management, development and projects. Their activities are closely linked with several further occupations such as suppliers, business partners and workers which are responsible for transport. In Slovakia, Umakov business activities are carried out in their own branches and network of partners. On Czech, Polish and Hungarian markets operate its subsidiaries. Moreover, company exports to 17 countries in Europe.


Entrepreneurial subject.

- processing of various kinds of materials (steel, anticorrosive, non-ferrous metals, wood, glass, ...) with the production to order of the wide scale of components/assemblies for exteriors and interiers with high degree of locksmith´s and blacksmith´s work; here the offer of the company consists of:  - working on drafts (design works, visual layouts, production of samples and prototypes), bearings and consulting
- production, delivery and assembly, service of guarantee and also repair to order – that means entire delivery
- sale of products, semi-products, items from it´s own production and other contractors products

Production programme.

- exterior components: gates, fences, railings, grilles, porches, staircases, sheds, garage gates, products of garden architecture, street lighting lanterns/pole lamps, accessories for exteriors
- gate/door systems with control aspects:
- systems for remote control of gates
- video-camerous systems and fail-safe technique
- items for interiors: staircases, stainless-steel railings, artistic products, flat supplements; accessories for interiors
-  semi-finished articles and supplements: forged semi-finished articles, forged bars,  components of gates, door
- semi-finished articles and supplements: forged semi-finished articles, forged bars,  components of gates, door fittings, stove/fireplace supplements, supplements for exteriors/interiors
- draft and production of interiors
- untypical interior/exterior products, untypical garage gates
- reconstruction of the original historical buildings
- semi-products:
- decorated and forged material, bars and elements
- accessories of gates, fences, railings, grilles, sheds, staircases

Main objects of Umakov company.

- individual flat building up (exterior, interior)
- public buildings and administrative centres
- entrepreneurial and commercial centres
- historical and sacral objects
- town rest zones, garden centres
- busieness partners of Umakov products
For detailed survey and photographical documents see Umakov internet address or other Umakov leaflets. Umakov is presenting its products at yearly fairs/exhibitions like Furniture and habitation (Nitra), Coneco (Bratislava), etc.

UMAKOV s.r.o.


Fričovce 309  
082 37 Fričovce
Slovenská republika

ID: 36490822
VAT ID: SK2021778418

Telephone: +421 51 7911 491, GSM +421 905 681 337, +421 905 429 377, VoIP +421 650 405 126
Fax: +421 51 7492 881

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